Schedule and send an email

Schedule an email to send to your contacts at a time when they're most likely to open it, at a later time, or immediately

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Schedule and send an email

After you've sent yourself a test version, it's time to schedule your email to go out to your contacts. You can choose which contacts receive it, and control when it's delivered, up to a year in advance.

  1. Click Email > My Emails.
    Note: If you're already working in your email draft, just click the Continue button in the upper right-hand corner of the editor and skip to step 4.
  2. Click Drafts to narrow your search.

    Emails Tab, My Emails Tab, and Drafts Tab
  3. Place your cursor over the email you want to schedule, and in the:
  • Thumbnail View - Click "Schedule".

    Schedule Option
  • Details View - Click Actions > Schedule.

    Actions Menu and Schedule Option
  1. Click Manage lists.
  2. Check the lists you want to send your campaign to.
  3. Click Save.

    Manage lists Button, List Selection, and Save Button
  4. Choose a time to send your email:
  • Next Best Time - To send based on the time your contacts are most likely to open your email.
  • Send Now - To immediately place your email in our mailing queue. Your email will typically send within a few minutes depending on your list size.
  • Schedule For Later - To select a date and time for a future delivery date up to a year in advance.
    Note: During the Free Trial, scheduling is limited to the same day only.

    Schedule Options
  1. Update your subject line, from name, from email address, and reply to email address as necessary.

    Header Options
  2. Click Schedule to send your email.

    Schedule Button

Once your email has sent, share it on your social networks. Give your contacts some time to open your email and then take a look at your reporting.

Note: If your campaign is automatically resetting to Draft status without sending, there could be an issue with a piece of content.

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