Update Profile Form

What is the update profile form?

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Update Profile Form

When contacts click the Update Profile/Email Address link in your outgoing emails, they'll be led to the Update Profile form. Customizing this form is a great way to request additional information from your contacts and get to know their needs better.  Here's what you need to know:

How the Form Functions

There are a few things to keep in mind about this form:

  • No matter which sign-up form a contact used to join your list, they'll still see the same Update Profile Form.
  • This form can only be accessed through the Update Profile/Email Address link in the footer of your outgoing emails.
  • Contacts who unsubscribe see the Update Profile Form list selections for their opt-out options.
  • Contacts won't be unsubscribed from lists you haven't displayed on the form unless they choose to unsubscribe from all lists. 

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Editing the Form

  1. Go to Contacts > Sign-Up Tools.
  2. Click "Update Profile Form" in your Web Sign-Up Forms. 
  3. From the form editor you can:
    • Edit Text - You can change the form title and description. 
    • Change Email List Selection - Decide what options contacts should have for new lists or for unsubscribing from lists.
    • Select Fields - Decide what information you want to include or require.
    • Add a Logo - Recommended size for your logo in this space is 300 X 100px.
    • Edit Font Colors - Brand your form to match your company colors.
  4. Click Finish when you have navigated through the editor.
Don't forget to preview the form to see how it looks!

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