Add a logo to an email

How do I brand my email with my official logo?

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Add a logo to an email

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand because it helps your contacts easily identify your email with just a glance.

The best way to add your logo to your email is to edit the Organization Information section under My settings. Once the logo is saved, it can be quickly added to any email.

If you're already working in your email, don't worry! With a few extra steps your logo can be added

To add a logo while editing your email:

  1. Create or edit your email.
  2. Click Blocks on the left-hand side of the page.
    Blocks Button
  3. Place your cursor over the Company Logo Block.
  4. Click the Plus button Add Block Button.
  5. Drag the block to the desired position in your email. 
  6. If you:
  • Added your logo to your Organization Information, the logo will already appear in the block. 
  • Need to add your logo, you can prepare your image and manually insert the image into the block.
  1. Click Save.

Once you've finished adding your logo, consider using the colors in your logo to brand the rest of your email.

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