Set up Text-To-Join

How do I set up Text-to-Join feature in my account?

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Set up Text-To-Join

Text-to-Join is a great way for you to collect email addresses from contacts through a text message. Just choose a keyword for subscribers to enter and cell phones can use this channel to submit email addresses, just like in any other sign-up method. 

Before You Use Text-to-Join

There are a few things to be aware of before you start using Text-to-Join: 
  • US Subscribers Only - For the time being, Text-to-Join isn't available internationally.
  • Opting-In For Emails Only, Not Text - When a subscriber uses a text to join your list, they are opting in to receive future emails, not future text messages.
  • Choose Keywords Wisely -  Keywords can only be changed once every 60 days.
  • Carrier Limits - Text-to-Join is currently only supported by the United States phone carriers AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, Boost, and Nextel. The Google Voice app will not work with Text-to-Join, even if it is on a supported carrier phone.
  • Website Promotion -  If you plan to include messaging on your web site for Text-to-Join, make sure to include the following disclaimer text. If it is not included, your keyword may be disabled by the cellular carriers:
    Message and Data Rates may apply. Text HELP for help, text STOP to end. Privacy:
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Use Text-to-Join

You can set up Text-to-Join and start using it within minutes. Here's how:
  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts > Sign-Up Tools
  2. Click "Text to sign-up" under More Tools.
  3. Click the "Enable Text-To-Join" check-box.
  4. In the Choose Your Keyword box, type out a keyword that you want to use.
    • Keywords must be all one word, contain only letters and numbers only, no spaces. Keywords are not case sensitive.
    • Each account is allowed one keyword at a time. This means that only one text-to-join message can be active at a time.
  5. If the word is available, a confirmation message will display under the box. 
  6. (Optional) Edit your request message. This is the verbiage that a contact receives when they text your keyword and we reply with a request for the contact's email address. Be sure to ask for the contact to reply with their email address.
    • Your message can have up to 160 characters.
    • If someone replies with an invalid email address, they will be prompted to try again.
  7. Choose a list that you want the contacts to be added to. You may want to create a new list so you can email them for more information like first name, last name, etc. Another option is to include an update profile link in your welcome letter.
    • The list must already be created and the contacts will not see the name of the list.
    • You can only choose one list.
    • Contacts that sign up using the keyword will receive your default welcome letter.
    • At this time Constant Contact can only collect email address when a contact joins but hopes to allow to gather more information in the future.
  8. (Optional) Edit the Thank-You message that the contacts will receive once they have replied with their properly spelled email address.
  9. Click Complete Setup.

Once you have created a keyword, just click "Create My Sign" to create a promotional sign highlighting the option for potential subscribers.  To disable Text-to-Join just check "Text-to-Join is turned on/off".

Keep in mind that if a subscriber is already an existing customer, they'll see all the Text-to-Join messaging, but won't get another welcome letter.

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