Add the Facebook Join My Mailing List App to your business page

Let people sign up for your mailing list through your business Facebook Page

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Add the Facebook Join My Mailing List App to your business page

The Facebook Join My Mailing List App makes it easier for you to collect new contacts directly from your Facebook fan or business page. This app cannot be added to a personal profile on Facebook at this time.

Note: If your Constant Contact login is not at least six characters long, please update it to include more characters. This is necessary for the Facebook application to function correctly.


The Constant Contact Join My Mailing List Application has some great features. With this app, you can:

  • Collect email addresses through your Facebook page right into the mailing list you choose. Anyone who signs up through the page will receive your Welcome Email. However, you can always turn the Welcome Email off.
  • Easily transfer new subscribers' contact details from new subscribers' Facebook page into your Constant Contact account.
  • Customize the link by editing the introduction, call to action box, naming the link, and adding an image URL
  • Facebook now offers a call-to-action button that you can activate on a business page, and you can make it a Sign Up button or Book an Appointment button.
You can add the app to multiple pages, as long as you are the admin for all of them. Check out how the sign-up page looks on Constant Contact's Facebook page.


Add the App to your Facebook Account

Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account before you start. If you're not logged in, you'll be asked to log in before you can download the app.

While in your Constant Contact account:
  1. Go to Contacts > Sign-Up Tools > "Facebook Sign-Up Form".

    Find Facebook Join My List App
  2. Click on the Add App button

    User-added image
  3. Select which Facebook business page to add the app to from the "Facebook Pages" drop-down box, then click Add Page Tab.

    User-added image
  4. You'll be returned to your personal Facebook page. Now you need to switch to the Facebook Business page that you administer that you just added the app to.

    Admin selects the FB business page
  5. Now click on the More tab and then "Join My List".

    switch to business page
  6. Log into your Constant Contact account, and give us permission to post to your Facebook page.

    login to Constant Contact to add app
  7. The app is now installed on your Facebook page. You may need to re-order your tabs to make it appear at the top level - otherwise it's under the More tab. When someone clicks the tab to join your list, they'll see the form to fill out.

    Jacks FB Page with signup form
You can now customize your form. Select what list these new contacts will be added to, and decide what other information you want these contacts to provide. You can always remove the app from your Facebook page if it doesn't work for you.


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