Add the Social Media Share bar to an email or survey invitation

Allow or prevent your contacts from sharing your email or survey invitation on their social networks by adding or removing the social media share bar

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Add the Social Media Share bar to an email or survey invitation

Make your email "go social" with a Social Media Share bar. By clicking on the branded buttons, your contacts will be able to share your email with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or their choice of countless other blogs and social media sites.

This is free advertising for your organization or business and helps you grow your list through your existing contacts.

Note: The Social Media Share bar isn't available for event-related emails.

Add or Remove the Social Media Share Bar to an Email

The Social Media Share bar can be found in the header of your Email campaign:

  1. Place your cursor over the Header Options block and click Edit this block.

    Edit this Block Icon
  2. Place a check next to "Social Share Links" to add the share bar to your header or click to remove the check to remove it from your header.
  3. Click OK to continue editing your email.

    Social Share Links Option and OK Button

Note: The Share bar isn't functional in test emails. To test it, make a copy of your campaign email and send it to yourself.


Add the Social Media Share bar to a Survey Invitation

The Survey invitation doesn't have a header, so the Social Media Share bar is located on the Schedule page instead. 

  1. Create a new Survey invitation or edit an existing invitation.
  2. From the Schedule page, scroll down to the Share this email section.
  3. Place a check mark next to the image of the Social Media Share bar.
    Social Media Sharebar
  4. Click Finish to send your Survey invitation.

Next Steps

Now that your email is set up to go social, find out how to become more successful with social media marketing:

  • Share Your Email - Post your email on your own Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts with Social Share.
  • Expand Your Social Media Reach - Drive your contacts to your social networks by adding social media links to your email.
  • Find New Contacts - The more you build your contact list, the more people you'll have sharing your emails.

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