Make an image a clickable mailto link

Insert a clickable image link in an email that automatically opens an email draft with my email address, a subject line, and content already filled in when a contact clicks on it

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Make an image a clickable mailto link

Important: This FAQ requires you to use HTML code.

After you've added an image to your email, you can turn it into a clickable link that opens up your contact's email client and pre-fills in your email address when they click on the image. You can even customize the subject line and add content to the body of the email

  1. Place your cursor on the block where you want to place the mailto link and click Edit this block.

    Edit this block Icon
  2. Place your cursor over the image, click the gear icon, and select Change from the drop-down menu.

    Gear Icon and Change Option
  3. Enter "mailto:" and your email address and customize the mailto link by adding a CC, BBC, subject line or body content with the following extensions:
  • CC - Adds additional recipients to your email.
  • BCC - Adds additional recipients to your email that the other recipients and CC recipients can't see.
  • Subject - Adds a subject line to your email. Each word of your Subject or Body text is separated by "%20" and line breaks in the Body can be created by adding "%0A".
  • Body - Adds the body content to your email.
  • Multiple Extensions - Add additional extensions by inserting an ampersand (&) between the extensions in place of the question mark (?).'m%20interested%20in%20learning%20to%20play%20the:%0A%0AThe%20days%20of%20the%20week%20that%20work%20best%20for%20me%20are:%0A%0AThe%20best%20times%20for%20lessons%20are:%20
  1. Click Insert.

    Make a clickable link Field and Insert Button
  2. Click the Save to continue editing your email.

    Save Button

To test your image link, click Preview and click on the image. An email window will appear with your email address in the To field.

Outlook Email Draft with Pre-filled Content

Note: Mailto links aren't tracked and don't appear in your reporting.

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