Cut, crop, and save an image using Microsoft Paint

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How do I paste and crop an image in Microsoft(MS) Paint?

Article: 000002894    Product: Email Marketing

Cut, crop, and save an image using Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a free image editing program that comes with the Windows operating system. It allows you to copy an image by essentially cutting it out of its original source, cropping it, then saving it to your computer.

To open the Paint program, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.

Copy and Paste the Image

First, copy the image that you want to use so that you can then paste it into Paint to be cropped and saved. There are two ways to do this, depending on the program or browser you are using:

  • On your keyboard, press Alt-Print Screen at the same time. You will not see anything happen, but you now have a picture of your screen copied to your clipboard.
  • Right-click on an image and select Copy or Copy Image.

Then, in Paint:

  1. Click Paste. Your image appears in the work space. 
  2. Save your image to your computer.

Be sure to save the image as a JPEG or PNG.

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Crop the Image

  1. Once the image is in Paint, click on the Select icon.
    Click to view larger image
  2. Highlight the area you wish to crop by clicking and dragging with the cursor. Everything inside the dotted lines is your new image.
    image crop
  3. In the toolbar click Copy. The image is now on your Clipboard.
  4. In the toolbar click New.
  5. In the new file, click Paste. Your newly cropped image displays.
  6. Click Save to save your new image.

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Resize the Image

To ensure that you're image will fit a pre-sized image block in your email template, check to see how big the template image is. 
  1. Click on the image you are replacing
  2. Click on the gear icon image gear icon
  3. Select Change
  4. Above the Insert button you'll see the Dimensions of the sample image. This is the size your new image should be. Write this down, you'll need them for the next step.
To resize your image in Paint:
  1. With your image open in Paint, click Resize on the tool bar.
  2. Click on the Pixels radio button to display the image size in pixels. 
  3. Adjust the size of your image as needed.
    • If you leave the Maintain aspect ratio box checked, you can change the horizontal size and the vertical size will adjust automatically, to keep the image in proportion.
  4. Click Save - we suggest renaming this version so you don't save over your original.

Now you can add the image to your email.

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