How to copy and paste text from Microsoft Word

How do I copy and paste text from Microsoft Word?

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How to copy and paste text from Microsoft Word

Copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word or any other word processing program is a useful and time saving process.

To copy and paste the text into a block within Constant Contact:

  1. Hover your cursor over your desired block and click the Edit icon edit blk.
  2. Open your document containing the information you want to copy.
  3. Within the document, highlight the words you want to copy. To highlight text, place your cursor at the beginning of the word where you want to start copying. Press down on your mouse button and drag your mouse to the end of the section that you want to copy.
  4. Once your text is highlighted, go to the menu and select Edit > Copy. The text will now be stored on your computer's clipboard.
  5. Go back into your Constant Contact account and follow steps 1-2.
  6. Click where you want the text to go so your cursor is visible.
  7. Paste your content by right-clicking your mouse and selecting Paste (Mac: Ctrl-click > Paste). A pop-up appears that prompts you to click the Options button if you want to paste without styles or with styles.
  8. Click the Save icon save blk.





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