Examples of common survey objectives

What are some common survey objectives?

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Examples of common survey objectives

Constant Contact's online feedback tool makes it easy, quick and affordable to create more two-way dialogue with your customers on their time, and gain the real-time results you need to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Here is a list of objectives which Online Survey can help you achieve. You can start with a blank survey or save time with editable survey templates  that include questions designed specifically to help you get the feedback you need to reach your objectives.


  • Engage, understand and retain your audience
  • Improve customer or client satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability
  • Find out how to best market your business and what makes you unique
  • Create two-way dialogue between you and your customers

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Run Successful Events

Email your audience a pre-event survey to find out what your audience wants. Include a feedback link in your event follow up email to:

  • Get an attendee view of the length, topics, speakers, food.
  • Get quotes to improve and promote your next event.

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Improve Newsletter Results

To improve future open, click and share rates, include a feedback link in your email newsletter to:

  • Gain new topics of interest, frequency preference, guest writer interest, etc.
  • Identify their email communication preferences to segment your list - how often, what, when, etc.

Include a poll in your email newsletter to:

  • Let readers rate that newsletter or a particular article.
  • Let readers vote on the next issue's featured topic.

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Interactive Websites

Your website is a good way to capture real-time feedback from your visitors. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Provide a feedback link on your website to identify impactful content or design improvements.
  • Include a link to a contact us feedback form on your website.
  • Add a poll on your website to identify the social media site visitors use most often.

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Increase Social Media Site Activity

To increase social media site activity:

  • Provide a feedback link in an email to existing subscribers asking their social media communication preferences - social site use, frequency, content interest, etc.
  • Include a link to a nomination or contest form on your Facebook page to let fans vote or enter.
  • Add a poll on your Facebook page to ask fans their opinion on the latest news.

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Selling Products & Services

Getting real-time feedback from active customers is always helpful to ensure good experiences. Once a purchase has been made by a customer you can send a follow up email and include:

  • A feedback link to know how the purchase experience was can what can be done to improve.
  • A poll to let customers rate the purchase experience, product or service.

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Make your non-profit or organization more responsive to members' needs by offering event programs that better meet your members' interests

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