Average open, click-through, and bounce rates by industry

The average open, click-through, and bounce rates of other Constant Contact customers by industry

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Average open, click-through, and bounce rates by industry

Every year we gather and examine over 200 million emails from Constant Contact customers, who provided their business type as part of their account information, to give you a sense of how your results compare with others in your industry.

Comparison by Industry Chart

If you've selected your industry in your account settings, you can view this data as a comparison line in your Email Statistics Graph right from your Reports page. Keep in mind that you may need to have more than one sent campaign to see the trends.

As of December 2014:

Business TypeOpen RateBounces RateClicks (Click-Through Rate)Opt-out Rate
Accountant/Financial Advisor15.00%7.38%7.15%0.80%
Art Galleries/Museums24.19%9.66%6.45%0.79%
Business products and services16.71%11.82%8.65%0.93%
Consultant (ex. marketing, management)7.47%4.44%5.65%1.03%
Education and services20.59%8.00%7.88%0.67%
Entertainment (ex. musicians, theatre, film)17.12%7.89%8.83%0.81%
Event planner17.72%10.52%7.25%1.28%
Government agency or services26.55%8.56%8.90%0.44%
Hotel, Inn, B&B18.74%8.59%5.64%1.64%
Legal services22.72%11.99%7.33%0.86%
Manufacturing and distribution19.23%11.05%8.30%1.17%
Marketing/Adv/PR Agency10.37%7.37%6.58%0.85%
Medical Services20.50%11.84%6.50%1.28%
Nonprofit - Arts organization24.21%8.12%5.77%0.80%
Nonprofit - Association23.32%10.73%7.89%0.42%
Nonprofit - Education23.81%7.82%7.67%074%
Nonprofit - Health and human Service22.95%9.73%6.50%1.13%
Nonprofit - Membership organization9.55%2.80%9.46%0.41%
Nonprofit - Other23.98%10.32%6.77%0.67%
Nonprofit - Religious organization31.04%8.48%6.33%0.28%
Office supplies12.88%10.51%6.76%0.99%
Personal services (ex. dry cleaning, photography)13.21%5.96%6.58%1.61%
Professional services20.16%10.88%7.36%1.12%
Real estate21.30%13.79%6.27%0.83%
Restaurant, bar, caterer16.69%9.69%4.04%1.19%
Retail (online and offline)15.56%7.49%8.67%0.91%
Salon and spa17.15%13.34%3.73%1.48%
Sports and recreation20.13%9.37%7.06%1.04%
Travel and tourism16.38%9.18%7.71%0.96%
Web developer11.57%10.05%7.80%0.64%

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