Insert a horizontal rule or divider into an email

How do I add a horizontal rule or divider into my email?

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Insert a horizontal rule or divider into an email

Adding a horizontal rule or divider into an email can help split up different types of information. Some email templates include a divider block, which appears as a block instead of a line, and some do not. To find out if a template has a divider block, you will have to choose a template and click on the "Add Blocks" link to see if divider block is an option. If it does not, you can add a horizontal rule or divider.

Add a Divider Block

To add a divider block:

  1. Click Blocks on the left side.
    blocks button
  2.  Look for the Content Divider or Section Divider block.
  3. Insert the divider block either by:
    • Clicking and dragging the block to your desired location in your email
    • Hovering your cursor over the block name and clicking the Plus button plus
      • The block will be added to its default location in the email
      • A block cannot be added if a move move icon does not appear when you hover your cursor over it

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Add a Horizontal Rule

IMPORTANT: This is an advanced topic and requires previous HTML knowledge.

To insert a horizontal rule, a straight line, or divider bar, into your email campaign:

  1. Hover your cursor over the block where you want to add the horizontal rule..
  2. Click the Edit icon edit on the block.
  3. Within the toolbar at the top of the block, click on the Code View button html.
  4. Within the Code View window, locate which words you want the horizontal rule to appear above.
  5. Insert the following code above the words:
  6. You can add color, specify the width and height within the block.
    For Example: <hr width="95%" color="#FF0000" size="5">.
    • Replace the #FF000 with the hex color of your choosing.
    • The width can be expressed as a percentage or pixel value.
      For Example: <hr width="95%"> or <hr width="200px">
  7. Borders - To specify the border around the horizontal rule, type the following: <hr style="border: 1px #000000 solid;"> . The number in front of the px is the width of the border in pixels. To remove the border:<hr style="border: 0px #000000 none;">
  8. Click Update & Close. The horizontal rule should appear in the block.
  9. Adjust the placement of the <hr> within the code if necessary. You can also copy and paste the code if you'd like additional borders in other parts of your email.
  10. Click Save on the block that you just edited.
  11. Save and Preview your email.

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