Sort a list of email addresses by domain in Excel

How do I sort a list of email addresses by domain in Excel?

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Sort a list of email addresses by domain in Excel

Sorting a list contact email addresses by domain in Excel can be done quickly by adding an extra column containing just the domain names and then sorting on that column. You data remains intact, but in domain-name order when you're finished. When you're in Excel: 

  1. Copy your file and then open the copy.
  2. Select the data in your list.
  3. Click Data > Text to Columns.
  4. Select Delimited and click Next.
  5. Under Delimiters, uncheck anything that is selected and check Other.
  6. In the box next to Other enter the @ symbol.
  7. Click Next, then Finish. This will generate two columns. The second column is just the domain.
  8. Copy the second column then open the original file.
  9. Add a new column next to the column with your contacts, then paste the copied column into the first file. Make sure the pasted column lines up perfectly with the contacts column.
  10. Select all of the cells in your spreadsheet.
  11. Click Data > Sort.
  12. In the Sort by field choose the column that contains only the domain names that you pasted in. Click OK. This will group all the addresses with the same domain together.
  13. You can delete the column with just the domain name when you're finished.

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