Create an email

How do I create a new email?

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Create an email

You can create an email by using one of the Constant Contact templates or by using your own code. If you already have an email created, you can edit it or send it to your contacts.

Create an Email

To create an email using one of our templates:

  1. Click Email Marketing > Create.
  2. Choose an email template.
  3. Customize the layout of the template. Don't forget to edit or remove the default text, images, fonts, and colors!
  4. Click the header and footer blocks to edit their options. 
  5. To make your email easy to find in your account later, click the pencil icon pencil at the upper-left corner of your draft and rename it.
  6. When you are done editing your email, click Continue to schedule your email.

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Next Steps

All done creating your email? Great! Try these steps next:

  • Test ItPreview and test your email before sending it to contacts.
  • Schedule and Send ItSend your email to your list of contacts.
  • Copy ItCopy the email to use the same format for next time.

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Take It to the Next Level

To make your email even more successful:

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