Create an email

Create a new email by choosing a template and customizing the content

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Create an email

Create a professional-looking email by using one of our pre-built templates.

  1. Click Email > Create.
  2. Choose an email template.
  3. Give your email a unique name so you can easily find it in your account later.
  4. Click the header block to edit the options. Don't forget to add an enticing subject line and a preheader!
  5. Customize the layout of the template.
  6. Add your logo and branding.
  7. Add your text, images, and links.
  8. Insert links to your social media profiles.
  9. Click the footer block to edit their options. A physical address is required in all emails.
  10. When you are done editing your email, preview and test your email before sending it to contacts.
  11. Click Continue to schedule your email.

To make your email even more successful, check out our best practices for creating great looking emails and for creating campaigns for mobile devices.

Tip: If your template can be reused with only minor edits to the content, consider saving it as a master template.

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