Add contacts to your account

Different ways to add contacts to your account

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Add contacts to your account

Before you can send an email or invitation you need to add your contacts to your account. There are several ways to do that based on how many contacts you need to add and the extra information you want to assign to your contacts. There are some basics that you should review first for what sort of email addresses you can add and how we handle duplicates.

  1. Click Contacts

  2. Click Add Contacts.

    Add contacts
  3. Choose how you want to add your contacts from the drop-down. 
Don't see your preferred method? Click Add from other apps to reveal:
  • Gmail - Import your contacts directly from Gmail.
  • Microsoft Outlook - Use QuickImport to pull your contacts from Outlook directly into your Constant Contact account.
  • Salesforce - Transfer your contacts from Salesforce into Constant Contact.
  • Intuit QuickBooks - InfoTransfer is a great tool to transfer email addresses and contact information into Constant Contact from your QuickBooks account.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Online - If you use QuickBooks Online, use the QuickBooks Online Integration to transfer your contacts into Constant Contact.
  • Contact Capture Tool - If you have a few business cards hanging around your desk, use the Contact Capture Tool to quickly type them in right from your computer's desktop.
  • Search MarketPlace - Still not finding the tool you need? Search our MarketPlace! Depending on which program you use, an integration might have already been created.
  1. Follow the steps for the method you selected to submit your contacts.
Now that your contacts are in your account, rename the listadd tags to further organize your contacts, send an email, or set-up your welcome email to welcome new sign-ups.

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