Add back accidentally deleted contacts or lists

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I accidentally cleared some contacts and I want them back. How do I retrieve them?

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Add back accidentally deleted contacts or lists

Even if you accidentally delete some contacts or a list, there are still ways you can bring those contacts back into your account.

For specific instructions, click the image below that best matches your Contacts page.

Previous Contacts Page
Improved Contacts Page
New Contacts Experience

Why are there two sets of instructions? We're in the middle of providing all of our customers with enhanced contact management, reporting and new features. As a result, for a limited time you may be seeing one of two possible pages. By showing you both sets of instructions, we make sure you have the help you need.

Previous Contacts Page

If you only have a couple of removed contacts to add back to your account you can just type or copy and paste the removed addresses into your account as though you were adding them for the first time. Any additional contact details that you already have saved about each removed contact in your account will be automatically associated with the email address when you re-add it.

If you have several removed contacts or an entire list to add back to your account:

  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts > Export.
  2. From the Contact List drop-down box, select Removed Contacts.
  3. From the Sort Contacts by drop-down box, select Date.
  4. Under Information to Export, check Add/Remove Date.
  5. Uncheck any information that you do not wish to export.  
  6. Click Export as Text or Export as CSV.
  7. Open the .CSV file with Excel.
  8. Delete any unneeded data, so that only the email addresses that you want to add back remain. 
    Note: If the Date Removed column is not removed, you will need to select a label for it in the upload process.
  9. Click "Manage Contacts".
  10. Under Contacts, click Add & Update.
    Add Button
  11. If prompted, read the items and agree to the terms on the Yes, these contacts expect to hear from me  page. Then click Continue to add contacts.
  12. Click the From a file or spreadsheet tab.
  13. Click Browse... to locate the file on your computer.
  14. Click Next.
  15. If prompted, label your data  by using the drop-down boxes provided as title headings. Then click Next.
  16. Select the lists where you want to save your contacts.
  17. Click Submit.


  • If your contact accidentally unsubscribed or you added them to the "Do Not Mail" list, read more here.
  • Read more information  on how to add new contacts to a list.
  • If you are uncertain what email addresses might have been removed, you can always access the Send list of a previously delivered email for comparison. By saving that sent list as its own list, and then merging it into your target list, you can return any email addresses that might have been accidentally removed since that send date.
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Improved Contacts Flow

If you only have a couple of deleted contacts to add back to your account you can just type or copy and paste them into your account as though you were adding them for the first time. Just keep in mind that their previous reporting and engagement history won't be available.

If you've removed an entire list you can either re-import the list information from a file or, if you don't have that information at hand, you can grab the most recent record of who was on that list from a previously sent email campaign. 

Here's how:
  1. Go to Emails > Reports.
  2. Find the most recent email that you sent to the list you removed.
  3. Click on the hyper-linked number in the "Sent" column.
    Note: If the email was sent more than 180 days ago, you might not see a hyper-linked number. That means the list information is no longer available for you to access.
  4. Click the check box in the upper-left corner of your results to select everyone in that list.
  5. Click Add to Email Lists.
  6. Select the existing list you'd like to re-add these contacts to, or create a new list.
  7. Click Apply.
Keep in mind that contacts who were accidentally unsubscribed need to go through a different process to be added back.

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