My Library Plus cost

What is the fee for MyLibrary Plus?

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My Library Plus cost

 MyLibrary Plus is an additional service to your account that doesn't charge per image, but instead operates on a single fee per month.  

 Cost for My Library Plus  USD  GBP
    $5   £4
For that monthly fee, MyLIbrary Plus offers:
  • Use 1GB of total storage space to save your files in your Constant Contact account
  • Upload images from your social networks
  • Delete/restore files from trash
  • Select from over 4,000 images in the Stock Image Gallery to include in emails, events, or surveys
  • Batch upload more than 1 image or file at a time.
  • Search, sort, and filter images by name, source, date, folder, and type.
  • Manage files within folders.

For information on potential discounts to this service, click here.

To access the MyLibrary Plus pricing information:

  1. Log into Constant Contact.
  2. Click "Pricing" in the upper right corner of the Home page.

Note: You are charged for MyLibrary Plus until you cancel with us, regardless of how many images and documents you have hosted. This means if you purchase image and document hosting and then reduce your images and documents back down to five (5) or even zero (0), you are still paying for hosting until you contact us to cancel.

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