Suspend or Cancel an account

I need to take a break from my marketing activities, how can I suspend or cancel my account?

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Suspend or Cancel an account

There are many reasons why you may need to take a break from your marketing activities, and suspending or canceling your account allows you to do so. When deciding which method is best for you, please keep in mind that Constant Contact does not provide refunds.

Tip: Instead of cancelling your account, consider suspending it. Suspending lets you keep all of your content, reporting, and contact information stored for when you're ready to use it again.

Note: If your account includes multiple products and you only want to cancel one product or an add-on (as opposed to your entire Constant Contact account), you can cancel online from within your account.


If you don't need to use your account every month, for a small monthly fee you can suspend your account instead of cancelling it.

While Suspended you can:

  • Store and access your contacts and lists.
  • View and manage reports.
  • Keep the images and documents stored in the Library.
  • Create emails and invitations.
  • Keep your sign-up forms active, so you can continue to collect contacts.
While Suspended you cannot:
  • Send test emails.
  • Schedule live emails.
  • Publish events.
  • Open registration on already-published events. Suspending closes registration temporarily.
  • Continue to receive survey responses. Accounts with an active survey will not be able to collect responses while in suspension.

To suspend your account, please call Billing specialists at 855-229-5506 between 7am - 9pm Eastern Time. Our representatives will walk you through the ins and outs of suspending. You cannot suspend your account over email or chat (unless you're an international customer).
Note: If you have promotional discounts in your account, they will be lost when you suspend.

Void the Suspend

When you suspend your account, you'll be in a Pending Suspend state until your next billing cycle comes around. If you decide that you need to use your suspended account, and the suspend hasn't taken effect yet, you can void your suspend from your account. Just go to My Account and click the "Cancel Suspend Request" link. You'll have full access to your account immediately.



When you're ready to unsuspend your account, click the "My Account" link at the top of the page and click the "Unsuspend Email Marketing" link. If you had a pre-pay discount, you will still have your discount.You will pay a pro-rated fee to cover the time between the Unsuspend date and your usual billing date, and your account will be available immediately. Once your billing cycle resumes, you'll pay your usual fees.


  • Only account owners can unsuspend an account.
  • If you had a promotional discount when you suspended, it will not be reinstated.



If you cancel your account, and decide to reactivated it within 90 days of cancellation, all of the data that was in your account becomes available again.

To cancel your account, please contact our Billing specialists at 855-229-5506 between 7am - 9pm Eastern Time. Our specialists will not pressure you to keep your account. You will be asked to provide feedback so we can improve our product, but you can choose not to provide any.

Be sure to contact us prior to your next billing date in order to avoid the next month's charges, and have the following information ready:

  1. User name of the account you want to cancel.
  2. Reason for your cancellation. We use this information to find ways to improve Constant Contact's products and service.

We will send an email within 24 hours to your Contact email address confirming your request.


Deplete Prepayment Funds

If your prepayment balance reaches zero, your account is not cancelled. Your account will be auto renewed for another prepayment. Refunds will not be offered in these cases but your authorized billing contact will receive a warning email so you can plan ahead.


IMPORTANT!  Under the CAN-SPAM Act opt-outs (unsubscribe requests) never expire, so even after you close your account you must ensure that you never mail to the addresses on your Constant Contact Unsubscribed list unless you receive a new explicit opt-in request for that address.

We encourage you to maintain a list of your contacts on your Unsubscribed list and should you decide to leave Constant Contact, bring this list with you to your new email marketing provider.  

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