Non-profit organization discounts

I am part of a non-profit organization. Can I get a discount?

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Non-profit organization discounts

A non-profit organization can receive a 20% discount off our standard pricing when pre-paying for 6 months or a 30% discount when pre-paying for 12 months for subscription products. There is no discount when you pay monthly. Read the information below to learn how to apply for the non-profit pricing.


  • It may take up to 1 to 2 business days to process your non-profit paperwork once it is received.
  • Constant Contact is required to collect and remit sales tax in several US states. Having a non-profit or 501(c) status does not automatically designate your organization as tax exempt. Find out if we collect sales tax in your US state and how to declare tax exemption.

To become eligible to sign up for a non-profit pre-payment discount, use any of  these methods to send us your documentation.  When we have processed your paperwork, you will receive a confirmation from us with instructions to help you select the non-profit pre-pay discount of your choice.

Note: If you have sent in your non-profit paperwork once, you do not need to submit it again unless your business name changes.

United Kingdom

Companies in the UK that are part of a charity or not-for-profit organization will need to provide documentation of charitable status. This can be your written constitution or by the recognition of your charitable status by the Inland Revenue or Charities Commission.

The requirements for an official constitution can be found by visiting the commission site.

Outside of the United States and United Kingdom

Charities or not-for-profit organizations located outside of the United States or United Kingdom need to provide documentation of charitable status to receive the non-profit discount. Use any of  these methods to send us your documentation.

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