The Spam Checker

Use the Spam Check button to increase the likelihood an email lands in an inbox and not in a junk folder

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The Spam Checker

The Spam Checker is a content-filtering tool that can help increase email delivery rates before you actually send your email, event-related email, or survey invitation to your contacts. 

The Spam Checker uses a mix of Constant Contact and SpamAssasin content-matching rules to assess the spam potential in the body, header (including subject line), and footer of your email and has no relation to spam complaints that may be reported when your email is received. The results are used to predict how an email client's content filtering software will process your email. Note: A low spam risk doesn't guarantee successful email delivery to all contacts.

Run Spam Checker

You can run the Spam Checker multiple times as you edit your draft to ensure the lowest possible spam risk.
  1. Click Spam Check. Your rating and any flagged content displays beneath the button.

    Spam Check Button
    Note: If you're using the Classic Wizard, click the Preview button on the upper left-hand side of your email. Then click the Anti-Spam Check button.
  2. Review and edit as many of the content flags as possible and click Spam Check again until the check reveals little or no risk.

    Spam Check: Little Risk Message

Need help making edits? Read about phrases to avoid in your subject line and body.  


Spam Checker Ratings

Your spam rating is base on your email content and can range from low to high risk. Any flagged content displays below your rating. Content issues display with either a green, yellow or red color code and are ranked by highest priority from top to bottom.
Spam Checker Rating:
Color Risk LevelRecommended Actions
GreenLittle to noneYour content is suitable for mailing and content filters should not find fault with your email. You may proceed with scheduling the email if it is complete.
GreenLowYour content will be allowable for most receiving systems. You can schedule your email now or further increase your chances for successful delivery by editing the flagged content.
YellowMediumYour email content may trigger content filters. We recommend that you edit the flagged content.
Note: Sometimes a medium risk level is triggered when the From/Reply address is a free email address (Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc.), and isn't the default address on your account. This will not impact your email when you hit the Send button.
RedHighIt is very likely that content filters will block your email based on its content. We strongly recommend that you edit the flagged content.

Consider turning on Constant Contact Authentication to improve deliverability with ISP's and corporate domains that use authentication to filter out their spam.

SpamAssasin is not a Constant Contact product. For more information about SpamAssasin, please see

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