What is a list review?

A List Review will keep your list clean and and improve your emails

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What is a list review?

A List Review is a simple phone call in which Constant Contact Customer Care analyzes how you are using your account and the quality of your contact list. This conversation usually takes around fifteen minutes. You will receive a notice on your screen when you try to log in to contact Customer Support if you need a List Review.

During a List Review

During the list review process, our Customer Care Team:


If You Need a List Review

When a list review is required, you will be prompted to call Customer Care when you try to log into your account. If you are ready now, please feel free to contact our telephone support team directly and choose option 2. Note: International customers please remember to dial 001 when calling the United States.

Due to the conversational nature of a List Review, the process cannot be handled via email or chat. 


Next Steps

After your List Review, bookmark the list of best practices for building and maintaining quality contact lists for your future reference.


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