What is ccsend.com?

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What is ccsend.com?

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What is ccsend.com?

CCsend.com is a domain used by Constant Contact to manage our customers' authentication credentials.  If you turn on Constant Contact Authentication, we create a registered sub-domain of ccsend.com in which your unique authentication credentials are published.


  • Customers should still add your normal email address to their safe sender lists. They should NOT add the ccsend.com address since the "From" address set up in the email creation process does not change, and the ccsend.com address is not a real email address.
  • If a customer responds to your email by clicking the Reply button in their email client, the message will still return to your inbox. It does not go to the ccsend address created for authentication.
  • You may personalize the name and sub-domain portion of your sender header address.
  • Customers who use self-publishing for authentication do not have the ccsend.com displayed.

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