Improve email open rates

How can I get more contacts to open my emails?

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Improve email open rates

Email open rates aren't magic. Setting up an email to get more opens is as simple as trying these suggestions:

  • Write a Great Subject Line - Make your subject line stand out and spark interest (without looking like spam).
  • Make It Recognizable - Would you open an email from a sender you don't know? Probably not. That's why you should use the same easily recognizable From Name with every email you send.
  • Stay Remembered - Remind your contacts why they signed up for your list and that your email is safe by adding a Permission Reminder.
  • Remain Relevant - Segment your contact list  or use tags to send more targeted emails.
  • Set a FrequencySet expectations with your contacts about how often they'll hear from you. Then, keep your promise. 
  • Clean Old Lists - If your list is a little old, it's probably time to clean out your inactive or outdated contact information. 
  • Land in the Inbox - Use authentication and the Spam Checker to help keep your email in your contacts' inboxes and out of their junk mail folders.
  • Time It Right - Experiment to find the best time to send to get the most opens from your unique contact list.

Keep practicing these tips with every new email you create and your open rates will get better and better!

Don't forget to check your open rate about 48 hours after each email has been sent. Busy schedule? Sign up for the Results Email and we'll deliver your email reports to you.

Note: There isn't a "one size fits all" standard for judging email open rates and they can vary by industry.

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