Will a contact on 2 or more of my email lists receive duplicate emails?

I want to send an email to multiple lists at the same time. Some people are on 2 or more lists. Will they get duplicate emails?

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Will a contact on 2 or more of my email lists receive duplicate emails?

Constant Contact takes steps to make sure that contacts don't get multiple copies of your emails once you send them. We do this by cross-referencing email lists during scheduling.  So any time you pick more than one email list to send to, we take the extra step of comparing those lists. Even if you have an email address on both lists, we'll know to only send one email to it.

There are a couple situations that might result in a contact getting two copies of your email though:
  • Sending an Email Twice -  If you send an email to list A first, then copy the email and send it out to list B, the system doesn't know to cross-reference the lists. An email address on both lists will get two emails. 
  • Contacts with Multiple Emails - When a contact has multiple email addresses, we treat each email address as unique. So if you have a contact with both a work email address and a home email address on list A, then both email addresses will get your message if you send to that list.
Learn what you should do if a contact still seems to be getting multiple copies of an email.

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