About email open rates

What are email open rates and how accurate are they?

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About email open rates

To get to the Reports page, click Emails > Reports. Detailed reporting for each email is listed below the Email Statistics Graph.

There are three parts to the detailed reporting of the open rate for an email:

Opened Emails

The number of times your email has been opened is listed as a hyperlink beneath the percentage in the Email Statistics Graph. The number indicates how many individual contacts have opened your email for the first time out of all the contacts you sent it to, including resends.  Keep in mind that your email open rate may be higher than reported because not all email opens are trackable

Example: In the image below, 5 individuals were sent the email, and 2 have opened it. 
Number of Opens 
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Note: It can take up to 1 hour for an open email to appear in the the Opens report.

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Email Open Rate

An email's open rate is the percentage of recipients who opened your email compared to how many contacts were sent the email.

The percentage of opens is calculated by dividing the number of unique opens by the number of emails sent excluding the number of bounces.
Example: In the image below, 5 individuals were sent the email, 1 email bounced, and 2 individuals opened the email. The Open Rate is calculated as follows:

Open Rate = [Unique opens (2) / (Emails sent (5) - Emails Bounced (1))] = 1/2, or 50%
email opens
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The average open, click-through, and bounce rates can vary by industry.

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Opens by Specific Contacts

When you click on the hyper-linked number of unique opens, you dig a little deeper into the details. This is where you can see:

  • Which contacts opened the email
  • The last time the contact opened the email
Need to know whether they viewed the email multiple times? Just click the "All Opens" link beneath the email name.

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