Verify or add an email address to your account

Your email address needs to be verified before you can begin sending email with Constant Contact

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Verify or add an email address to your account

Before you send emails with Constant Contact or receive your account information from Constant Contact, verify your email addresses. Make sure you're using the best email for your brand. There is no limit on the number of verified email address that can be added to your account. You won't need to verify your contacts' email addresses.

Reasons to Verify Email Addresses

Verifying one or more of your own email addresses allows you to:

  • Receive Account Emails - We won't send your account related emails to you until we know that you will receive them.
  • Include Email Addresses on Your EmailWe need to prevent senders from using someone else's address in their emails. 
  • Send Your Email - We send a notification to your verified email address to let you know when your email has been sent.


How to Verify Email Addresses

Important: The first email address you verify will automatically be set up to receive your billing and account emails. You can update your account contact information at any time.

  1. Click My Settings.

    My Setting
  2. Click "Verify Address".

    Verify Link
  3. Enter each personal email address you want to verify in the "Email Addresses to Verify" section.

    Enter Email
  4. Click Send Verification Email. A verification email will be sent to the addresses you submitted.

    Send Verification
  5. In your email program, open the verification email sent from Constant Contact Support.

    Open Email
  6. Click the Verify this email address button or link in the message. 

    Click Verify
Click here if you don't receive the verification email.

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