Build a contact list with Constant Contact

Use online and offline tools to help you grow and manage your contact list

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Build a contact list with Constant Contact

Building a permission-based contact list doesn't have to be a lot of work. Try these free tools for getting new contacts and watch your list grow - both online and in-person.

Get New Contacts Online

Try these tools and tips to promote your mailing list online. When someone fills out your sign-up form, we'll add them to any of your contact lists they selected and send them your Welcome Email right away. Don't want a Welcome Email sent? Learn more about the potential for turning that functionality off.

  • Post A Sign-Up Link in Many Places - Find out how to add a sign-up link or button to your:
    • Website- Add your sign-up link on every page of your website -- or just on the high-traffic pages.
    • Email Marketing Emails- Although you can only send emails to contacts, you never know if your contacts will share your email with friends.
    • Personal or Business Emails- Make your sign-up link part of your standard signature line at the bottom of every email you send outside of Constant Contact.
    • Social Media Sites- Invite your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to join your mailing list.
  • Encourage Contacts to Share Your Email - Occasionally, remind your contacts to click on your email's Social Share bar and use its "Forward to a Friend" link.
  • Use Online Survey - With Online Survey (free trial or paid account), you can use the Collect Personal Information question to ask survey respondents if they want to join your mailing list.

Get New Contacts Offline

Don't wait for potential contacts to "discover" a mailing list form on your website.

Here are some ways to collect email addresses offline:

  • Promote Your Text-to-Join Keyword - Create a Text-to-Join table sign asking people to join your mailing list via text message.
  • Post a QR image for Mobile Subscribers - Create a flyer encouraging new contacts to join your mailing list by scanning a QR code.
  • Contact Capture Tool - Keep the Contact Capture Tool app open on your computer to quickly add and update contacts without going to the Constant Contact website.
  • Use Your Printed Sign-up Form - Print an online sign-up form for your store, booth, reception area, or front office.
  • Spread the Word - Additional places to let potential contacts know about your mailing list include: receipts, advertisements, flyers, brochures, invoices, surveys, and feedback forms.

After collecting email addresses offline, always remember to:

  • Add New Contacts Promptly - Add the new contacts' email addresses and details into Constant Contact as soon as possible after the contact signs up on paper.
  • Send Out Welcome Letters - Send Welcome emails to contacts that signed up through a printed form or that you added yourself through the Contact Capture Tool or mobile app.

Next Steps

As more contacts sign up for your emails, you'll probably want to:

Take It to the Next Level

Now that your mailing list is set up for growth, you can:

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