Sign-Up Form links and buttons

Use text links, buttons, or embed code to drive sign-ups on your website, social media profile, or other online presense

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Sign-Up Form links and buttons

Once you've set up your web sign-up forms, you want to make sure your customers or prospects have easy access to them. You can make it accessible on your website, in your email signature, on your social neworks, etc. To get started, simply navigate to your Sign-Up Tools page and open the Actions menu.

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Here you'll find options to not only preview and edit the forms, but also help you put them in front of your prospects.


A mobile friendly sign-up form is one of the many list building tools you get with Constant Contact. By default, the form has general text and directs customers to join your General Interest list. 

However, it's a good idea to edit the form so that it matches your company colors and tone. 

Here's how you can preview your existing form and then make changes if needed:
  1. From the Actions menu, choose Preview.
  2. Your sign-up form will appear in an overlay. 

Now that you know what your web sign-up form looks like, you can fine-tune it to brand your company or even get better information about your subscribers.


Form URL

Sometimes a text link is all you need. Just copy the URL for the sign-up form you want to use and post it anywhere.
  1. From the Actions menu, choose Form URL.
  2. Click inside the field and copy the highlighted link.
  3. Click Close.

Once you have copied that URL, you can paste it anywhere, including:  

Create a Button

Want to use something more graphical to capture visitor attention? You can create a button in Constant Contact, then take the HTML code we provide and add it to your website.
  1. From the Actions menu, choose Create a Button.
  2. Customize the Button Colors, Corner Style, and Button Text and watch the Preview update with your change. Click Get Code when you're satisfied with the design.
  3. Copy the code and apply it to your website, or enter your web designer's email address and send the code directly to them.

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