Create a Web Sign-Up button for my website

How do I create a Sign-Up button for my website?

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Create a Web Sign-Up button for my website

Add a sign-up link, button, or box to your website to direct visitors to your online sign-up form through Constant Contact. Don't have a website? See other places to share a subscribe link

Before Creating a Sign-Up Button or Link

Here are a few things you may want to do before creating a link to your sign-up form:

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Creating a Sign-Up Button or Link for a Website

To create a Web Sign-Up link or button for your website:
  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts > Sign-Up Tools.
  2. Click the chain icon by the form you want to link. Chain Icon
  3. Choose from your style options:
    • Share URL to form - This gives you the URL for your form and allows you to paste it anywhere.
    • Create a button - Choose the color, text, and style of your sign-up button.
  4. Copy the URL or HTML code that appears once you've chosen the URL or modified your button.  
    NoteThe HTML code is not saved in your Constant Contact account. To refer back to this code later without having to recreate it, copy and paste the code into a TXT file and save it on your computer. 
Once you have copied that code, you're almost done.  You can paste it into your webpage source code or, if it's the URL, post it on your favorite social media site. To send the code to a webmaster, paste the HTML code into a plain text file (such as Notepad or Text Edit) and attach the file to an email.

Note: If you cancel your account, make sure you remove the signup box or link from your website.  

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Next Steps

After posting your sign-up link on your website, now would be a good time to:

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Take It to the Next Level

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