Upload an image to the Library

Upload an image to the Library by browsing for the file on a computer

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Upload an image to the Library

Multiple images at a time can be uploaded from your computer into the Library. You can can do a little prep work and upload them all at once before you start editing, or you can do it on-the-fly while editing and email.

Tip: Before you upload your images, make sure they're optimized for best results and to reduce the likelihood of an upload error.

  1. Click Library.

    Library Tab
  2. Click Upload to Library > My Computer.

    Upload To Library Drop-down Menu and My Computer Option
  3. Drag the image from your computer into the Upload To Library overlay, or click "or browse your computer to upload".

    Image Upload Overlay
  4. (Optional) Click on the image to highlight it then click the menu arrow to edit the file name, add a brief description, or add the image to a Library folder.
  5. Click Upload Files.

    Edit Image Tab and Upload Files Button
  6. When finished, click Done.

    Done Button

Once your images have been uploaded, you can use image editing tools to enhance them and then add them to your Email, Survey, or Event.

Note: In addition to uploading images from your computer, you can also import an image from Facebook or Instagram and choose from a variety of free and paid stock images.

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