Resize an image in my email

Adjust the size of an image after it's been added to an email

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Resize an image in my email

If you've already inserted images into your email and the size isn't quite working out, you can always adjust it.

For best results and to prevent your email from stretching, make your images no wider than 600 pixels (an email template's width).

  1. Place your cursor over the block that contains the image you want to resize and click Edit this block.

    Edit this block Icon
  2. Place your cursor over your desired image and click the gear icon.

    Gear Icon
  3. Select either:
  • Resize - Drag the slider to resize the image and then click Insert.

    Image Size Slider and Insert Button
  • Fit to Block - To automatically expand the image to the width of the block.

    Image Fit to Block
  1. Click Save to continue editing your email.

    Save Button

Does the image look unproportioned? Click Resize and click the Edit Image button to crop the image.

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