Add an image to an email

Insert an image into an email, event-related email, or survey invitation while working in it

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Add an image to an email

Bring your email, event-related email, or survey invitation to life by adding images while creating or editing an email.

  1. Place your cursor over the block where you want to add the image and click the Edit this block icon.

    Edit this block Icon
    Tip: If you're not sure where to place the image, check out our tips for successful use of images.
  2. Place your cursor where you want to add the image and click Images.

    Images Button
  3. If your image:
  • Is already in the Library - Click "MyLibrary" and scroll through your images until you find the one you're looking for. Then just double-click the image to make any necessary edits.

    Edit Image Button
  • Isn't in the Library - Click Upload to drag and drop images from your computer into the Library.
    Tip: Make sure your image is optimized before you upload it.

    Upload to Library Overlay Drag and Drop Instructions
  • Is on Facebook or Instagram - Click Upload and then the Social Networks tab to login to your social network and select your images.

    Social Networks Tab and Instagram Login
  • Is hosted elsewhere - Click More Options and then click the Image URL tab to paste in your image URL. Click Preview to edit your image.

    Image URL Tab and Preview Button
  • Hasn't been chosen yet - Click More Options and then the Stock Image Gallery button to browse the free and paid images available from BigStock.

    Stock Image Gallery Button
  1. When finished selecting and editing the image, click Insert to add the image to the block.

    Insert Button
  2. Click Save to continue editing the rest of your email.

    Save Button

Once you finished editing your email, send yourself a test so you can see how your images are displayed. If you don't like the way your image looks, try cropping or resizing it.

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