Error Message: There is a problem uploading your image

Troubleshooting errors while uploading an image to the Library

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Error Message: There is a problem uploading your image

We're sorry you're having trouble uploading an image! Sometimes these messages show up while adding an image from your computer:

  • "An unexpected error occurred while uploading your image, please try again later"
  • "Your image contains an unknown image file encoding. The file encoding type is not recognized, please use a different image"
  • "Sorry, we could not upload this file. Try saving it in a different format and upload again"

There are several reasons that can cause upload errors:

  • CMYK Mode - Logos and graphics designed for printed media are usually designed using CMYK mode because of the four different ink colors used in the printing process. CMYK images have larger file sizes that may prevent uploads. If the file size is small enough to upload it's automatically converted the RGB format, but the colors can also appear different because they don't always translate into the three-color light blend (RGB) used to render colors on monitors and screens. Turn off any color management settings in your image editor to prevent CMYK images.
  • Layers - Layers make editing images easier, but they have a larger file size that prevents uploads. If your image has layers, try flattening the image into a single layer in your image editor or saving the image as a JPEG, which doesn't support layers.
  • Copyright - If an image contains copyright information there is extra metadata included in the file that can prevent usage that the creator didn't intend. It's easy to grab a photo from a search engine, but be aware that just because an image is online doesn't mean that its owner/creator gives you permission to use it. The stock image gallery in the Library gives you access to thousands of free and paid images that you have permission to use.
  • Corrupted Data - If the image file has been damaged and is missing the data that identifies it as an image, you won't be able to upload it to the Library. If you can't retrieve an older, uncorrupted version of the file, there are programs available that may be able to repair corrupted files.
  • JPEG with Transparent Background - The JPEG file format doesn't support transparent backgrounds. If your picture has a transparent background, save the image as a PNG or GIF.
  • File Name - If the image file name is longer than 80 characters, including the file extension, the image won't upload into the Library. Shorten the file name - you can always rename it and add a description after you've uploaded it.
  • File Size and Width - Images with a file size larger than 5MB or wider than 800 pixels won't upload to the Library. Check the size of your file and reduce it using your image editor before trying to upload it again.

For additional help with file uploads, take a look at the file types that can be stored in the Library and our best practices for preparing images for upload into the Library.

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